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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Christmas is Coming

I know we haven't got through Halloween yet, but hey ho, let it snow!

I've got Beautiful Christmas Cards for sale proceeds going to GOSH CC, if you want to spare yourself the hassle of sending cards during the postal strike, Get yourself a snowman poster for your staff room or school, and write a festive message on it.

Also if you interested in QI I'd love to help you organize a Christmas Quiz to help support this worthy cause!

Truly Madly Baby and Truly Madly Kid... book your party now! Get that Christmas shopping done with a coffee in your hand and your bezzie mates round!


Thanks everyone who joined us, THANK YOU sunny day.

We had a great day at the teddy bears Picnic and managed to make £225


I can't wait for next year!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Teddy Bears Picnic

Teddy bears Picnic fast approaching!


I've been promiced sun and thats all I can hope for now!

I'm hoping the if you build it they will come approach will work! because all those hours spent putting up sign has gone a bit out the window as theyve all been rained on and/or taken down... but disapointing. but my huge sail of a banner is still high and proud and will hopefully attract the punters!

fingers crossed!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Teddy Bears Picnic

I've accepted the challenge... and from Tuesday the 1st of September, I won't have to rummage through the wardrobe to find something to wear!In aid of the Great Ormond Street Hospital, I will be Fundraising to create hopefully the first of many a Teddy Bears Picnic!I will dress HEAD TO TOE as a BEAR for a FULL weekStarting September 1st 2009I hope you all can spare a pound or a dollar for this REALLY WORTHY cause.And to get your moneys worth I'll take on your BEAR DARES and CHALLENGES(within reason)I will keep you posted with videos and pictures on Facebook!Thanks for your support!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Usborne books, have an amazing selection for babies to teenagers...

Gabriel LOVES the That's not my...series...exspecially the touchy feely books!!

for your schools and libraries I can organize a number of events and fundraisers to help you fill up on books!! and Usborne offer an extra %60 more free!

If you've got a new baby on the way, why not have a TRULY MADLY BABY Baby shower, and have your already mummie friends round to help you find what you really need for the little one on the way!! Nursery Bedding, Feeding and bathtime neccessities..and LOTS of Gorgeous TOYS

plus lots more for older children...why not do your christmas shopping early and relaxed in your own home... book a party I'll come to you with catalogues and samples! and you can kick back with your pals and avoid the agro of the shopping centres! plus earn 10% in hostess commision and a free £205 venture photography photo!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Childrens Parties Catering

I've just been to a commercial play group with my little boy...we had a great time and I picked up a leaflet advertising their childrens parties...
My jaw dropped when I saw the price of the food!
They offered sandwhiches, Crudite, (raw vegetable sticks) and a few other healthy bits like houmus ( do kids eat houmus???)
They were asking for £10 a head..on top of all the other party package...
As a Chef of ten years... I can't BELIEVE that anyone would pay ten pound a head for there child to most likely have a bite of sandwhich before its smeared into the carpet and they're off running after a baloon!
I can do a custom job for you, we can discuss every item or I can give you of few menu choices.....I can do childrens parties..showers..small christenings...
£2.50 per Child £5.00 for Adults.
I'll offer up a choice between hot or cold menu... fancy as you like... or sarnies with the crusts cut off...
I can make kids favourites with a healthy twist... supply.. Chocolate & Courgette or Carrot and Raisin fairy cakes with naturaly coloured icing, eg) for pink icing I'd use fresh raspberries...
also fruity or if your brave veggie Jelly! and ice-cream. I'll post some sample menus shortly.

Babysitting x 2

I was a real feather in my cap moment, at 10:30pm last night when the house fell into a silent hush and I finnally braved the moment to exhale my anxious breath..
Two lil boys...6 month old and teething, and desperatly overtired but refusing to give in to the sandman.
It seemed an easy enough task...I arrived at 7 where my charge was fast asleep, his video baby monitor showed him snuggled down for the night... I brought my own little boy along who always seems to fall asleep best anywhere but his own bed.
My little boy was quite content playing with someone elses' toys, the other little boy woke as soon as his Mummies shoes hit the pavement outside...she had suggested I leave him awhile to see if he goes back to such luck... put my little boy into his carseat to keep him crawling away...he's happy to play from there...tip toe upstairs to find the still yelling little boy and expect more shouts as he realises I'm not his mum...he's not actually bothered...he just wants picking up... we go downstairs and he's still quite happy until I try and put him down to play...the two boys decide theyre not going to be friends..and take it in turns crying and pinchinging eachother...they both want to be picked was a fun situation trying to hold one on each hip while trying to keep them far enough apart they can't claw at eachothers eyes...This carry's on for about 2 hours with the level of screaming crecendoing before finnally both crashed little boy settled in his car seat so long as I didn't stop rocking it with my foot...the other little boy eventually fell asleep on my shoulder so long as I didn't stop moving back and was a bit of a pat your head and rub your tummy moment...but it made the hours afterwards that much more peacefull!
So does anyone else want to challenge me?? I'm willing to try 3 at a time... maybe!